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Ahmya Rivera

Ahmya, an enthusiastic student, possesses a deep passion for creating opportunities for under-served youth. Her journey began in elementary school, where she first immersed herself in advocacy and the world of STEAM. Now, she is utilizing her extensive knowledge and skills to revolutionize the way these subjects are presented. By infusing fun and creativity into her approach, Ahmya aims to captivate young minds and inspire them to explore the realms of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. In pursuit of her goal to empower students, she has established STEAM Quest: Story-based Activity Book.

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My Passions

Activity Session

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Led by Ahmya, these sessions offer a range of interactive experiences for students. The sessions kick off with an engaging and informative presentation, where Ahmya interacts with the students, sharing her insights. Following the presentation, a hands-on activity within STEAM Quest will be conducted. Additionally, Ahmya will sign books and offer further engagement opportunities for the students to deepen their connection with STEAM. These activity sessions provide a comprehensive and exciting experience, leaving the students inspired and eager to continue their journey of exploration.



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