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Studio-Project (4)_edited_edited_edited_

Unlike the journey that takes place within STEAM Quest, creating the book was a journey within itself! Learn more about it by scrolling :)

Studio-Project (4)_edited_edited_edited_

The Journey

Colorful Books



STEAM Quest will be donated to Kids Need to Read and libraries in under-resourced areas. Kids Need to Read helps children discover the joy of reading and the power of a literate mind by providing inspiring books and literacy programs to underfunded schools, libraries, and community agencies across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.

Book and Headphones


Writing + Illistation

We want to make the book as accessible as possible; under-resourced involves many different communities. This is why after the initial English production, the book will be printed in multiple languages to be given to non-English speaking students. Additionally, the book will have an audio version for visually impaired students.



Tabling events will be to conduct STEAM activities with students. At these events, we hope to provide small packages for students, while teaching them about STEAM and STEAM careers. An example of a tabling event we would apply for is Engineering Day at Kings Dominion.

Gift Bags


Publishing + Speaking

"STEAM Packages" are goodie-bags/boxes filled with the book and all the necessary components to complete the activities in the STEAM Quest book; Along with any additional materials if able. These packages are planned to be given to students at Boys and Girls Club and Girls inc's. If able, we would like to provide some to classrooms aswell.

Help us grow young minds through these initiatives.

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